Heathkit HO-13 Assembly and Operation Manual Repair ID: 78580

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Heathkit HO-13 Assembly and Operation Manual

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What's in this manual: Specifications, Introduction, Schematic Diagram, General Circuit Description, Parts List, Test and Adjustment, IF Chart III, Receiver IF Chart IV, Operation, Circuit Description, Schematic Diagram

Manual Type: PDF, File Size: 1.56 MB


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Heathkit HO-13 Assembly and Operation Manual

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This Heathkit HO-13 Assembly and Operation Manual was added by Bob on and last updated Wed Jul 29 2015. If this is not what you are looking for or need a different type of manual let us know by clicking contact above and we will see if we can find and add it to the site.

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Schematic diagrams or circuit diagrams are also used to help you with repairing the Heathkit HO13 Ham-Scan Panoramic Adapter most of the time these can be found inside the service manuals.

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