Korg M3-61 Service Manual

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What's in this manual:
Korg M3-61 Assembly Sketch (Hookup)
Korg M3-61 Test Mode
Korg M3-61 Parts List
Korg M3 Series Block Diagram and Schematics
Block Diagram
KLM-2810 Schematics
KLM-2642 Schematics
KLM-2700 Schematics
KLM-2644 Schematics
KLM-2647 Schematics
KLM-2666 Schematics
KLM-2645 Schematics
KLM-2648 Schematics
KLM-2649 Schematics
KLM-2701 Schematics
KLM-2650/2706 Schematics
KLM-2704/2705 Schematics
KLM-2860/2861 Schematics

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Bob added this Korg M3-61 Service Manual on Tue Nov 16 2010

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