Amstrad TVR-2 Service Manual
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Whats in this manual:

technical specifications
safety test
cabinet disassembly instructions
VCR section disassembly instructions
exploded views
test point & alignment points video section
alignment instructions
system control timing charts
video section power supply PCB top view
cideo section timer PCB top view
deck mechanism parts list
lead identification
electrical parts list video section
main PCB top & bottom views
wiring diagram video section
block diagrams
wave forms
trouble shooting guide
electrical adjustment schematic diagrams

Type: PDF, Zip File Size: 4.60 MB

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Amstrad TVR-2 Service Manual Televideo

technical specifications, safety test, cabinet disassembly instructions, VCR section disassembly instructions, exploded views, test point & alignment points video section, alignment instructions, system control timing charts, video section power supply PCB top view, cideo section timer PCB top view, deck mechanism parts list, lead identification, electrical parts list video section, main PCB top & bottom views, wiring diagram video section, block diagrams, wave forms, trouble shooting guide, electrical adjustment schematic diagrams