Brother DCP-130C Service Manual

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What's in this manual: Part Names and Functions, Specifications, Theory Of Operation, Error Indication and Troubleshooting, Transfer Of Data Left In The Machine To Be Sent For Repair, Disassembly/Reassembly and Lubrication, Adjustment and Updating Of Settings Required After Parts Replacement, Cleaning, Maintenance Mode

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* Brother DCP-130C Parts Reference List - All-In-One Printer

ADF, Scanner, Engine, Cartridge Case, Head, Paper Tray, Cover, Panels, PCB, Accessories, Printed Materials, Packaging, Others

* Brother DCP-130C Service Update F1206 - Unable to Print ME30 or ME50

This error is usually caused by the Carriage Encoder Strip being dislodged from the sensor mounted on the Print Head/Carriage Assembly.

* Brother DCP-130C Service Update F1213 - BH7 Series Jammed Trays

Some early production machines of the BH7 series lacked sufficient lubrication on the paper tray lift notch causing the Pull-In Roller older Assembly to jam in the lift notch of the tray.

* Brother DCP-130C Service Update F1220 - BH7/BH7e Ink Cartridge Sensor PCB Failures

A “No Cartridge” error message on BH7/BH7e products is caused by third-party (non-Brother) ink cartridges leaking ink onto the Ink Sensor PCB and shorting out the cartridge sensor. In order to resolve this issue, a new Ink Sensor PCB will need to be installed. The repair for this issue should take approximately 30 minutes from start to finish.

* Brother DCP-130C Service Update F1227 - PAPER JAM (with no paper visible), ME31 or ME51

These errors are usually caused by small (~15mm2) paper scraps being stuck under the print head, on the maintenance (purge) unit or at the flushing box.

* Brother DCP-130c Service Update F1231

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