Contax RTS II Service Manual
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Whats in this manual:

Disassembling of the exterior parts
Disassembling of the mount base assy's from camera body
Assembling of the mount base ass'y to the camera body
Disassembling of the shutter mech ass'y from the camera body
Replacement procedure of 1St & 2ND shutter curtain ass'y
Explanation of the mechanical shutter mechanism
Disassembling and reassembling of the winding mechanism
Removal of the sprocket from the camera body
Multi-exposure mechanism
Disassembling of the mirror box ass'y from the mount base ass'y
Disassembling and assembling of the information code base plate ass'y from the mount base ass'y
Replacement procedure of flexible printed circuit (F.P.C)
Viewfinder cleaning
Shutter speed & exposure adjustment
Troubleshooting for the data back (D-4) and winder (W-3)

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Contax RTS II Service Manual

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