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Next 5 documents in this category that might be of interest to you.

  1. Akira 21PZP1MKIANZ Chassis: TD171 Colour TV (Added by crommie on 2008-12-07)
    Safety Notice - General Description - Technical Specification - General Specification - Chassis Block Diagram - Fault Finding Trees - IC Block Diagram - Adjustment Mode - Exploded View and Part List - Parts List - Circuit Diagram
  2. Akira CT21TF9CP(SKD) Chassis 3Y01 (Added by Bob on 2008-12-01)
    Specifications - X-Ray Radiation Precaution - Safety Precaution - Product Safety Notice - Alignment Instructions
  3. Akira CT21NI9 CHASSIS: 3S10 (Added by Robert on 2007-09-25)
  4. Akira CT21TF9 Chassis 3Y01 Colour TV (Added by Robert on 2006-12-12)
    Specifications - X-ray Radiation Precaution - Safety Precaution - Alignment Instruction
  5. Akira LCT30KXSTP LCT TV (Added by Bob on 2008-09-18)
    specification - circuit diagram - pcb board - exploded view - part list

The types of document that are found on Manual-Archives

Service/Repair manuals are used to help you diagnose and repair the Akira CT21HS9CE Chassis 3YA1 Colour TV. Schematic diagrams or circuit diagrams are also used to help you with repairing, most of the time these are found inside the service manuals.

Owner or User manuals are used for operating Chassis 3YA1 Colour TV, most are free downloads available from the manufactures web site, we link to these and they are here for your convenience so you can find everything in one place.