Sharp VL-Z5U Service Manual Supplement

Home : Cameras : Sharp : VLZ5U This service manual specifies the differences in servicing for the change of the CCD sensors. Therefore, refer to the service manual of VL-Z3U/Z5U (S53A8VL-Z3U//) for the contents, etc. not specified in this manual.

What's in this manual: distinction on appearance (distinction on model labels), difference on the component parts (check the separate connection diagrams), difference on the circuit operation, change of eep_rom set value before adjustment, others, supplementary items, schematic diagrams, printed wiring board assemblies

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Sharp VL-Z5U Service Manual - S53A8VL-Z3U//

important service notes, specifications, part names, disassembly of the set, mechanism adjustment jigs and parts, inspection and maintenance items and intervals, adjusting and checking of mechanism, adjustment of running system, assembling of mechanism section and part replacement (disassembling and assembling), method of adjusting the electric circuit, useful tips, signal flow diagrams, block diagrams, schematic diagrams, semiconductor lead identification, printed wiring board assemblies, replacement parts list, packing of the set

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