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The best kitchen knife ever!

Many people are fooled by nice and shiny looking object. Especially knives. I remember buying my first colourful set of knives, thinking they would look great on my kitchen counter. That was my biggest mistake. The knives that I bought lasted only for five months before getting so dull that it couldn’t even slice through carrots. However, this torture only lasted till I found out about the Mercer Culinary german knives.


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This time around I actually tested out the knives before trying and they were razor sharp. I’ve been using them for over two years now and they’re still sharp. I occasionally sharpen them at a local knife sharpening company to keep them in great condition. The knives doesn’t feel too heavy or lightweight at all. I think the full bolster it has makes it a well-balanced knife. (More: Know your knives)

The handles are very comfortable to grip on. I have survived peeling a sack of potatoes with their paring knife without feeling much wrist tension. Not to mention, I also get many compliments about the tempered glass block which is very is to clean and fix back. I am very happy to have found this set and I hope you give it a try.

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